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The New Kid on the Block

Move over Google PPC. 70% of users ignore google ads and 75% of them never look beyond the first page.

Meet the new kid.

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular platforms out there. At LMS, we know first hand the goldmine available because of the deep targeting capabilities when advertising through Facebook and Instagram to build and grow your business.

Allow us to be your Facebook Ad Managers.   

Powerful Ads and Marketing Funnels

Facebook & Instagram

With nearly 1.5 billion active users, we can harness the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to place laser targeted ads in front of your potential clients resulting in a greater ROI, more leads, and a increased revenue.

Lead Generation

Ready for rapid growth? Thousands are searching for your business or service and SDA can create a proven strategy to capture quality leads while funneling them to your business.

Client Acquisition

Have you ever calculated the lifetime value of a new customer? We can help with that. Our goal with FB Ads and Funnels is to increase your ROI while lowering your cost per acquisition. 

Video Marketing

How would you like a salesperson working for you 24/7? That’s what an effective business video can do. Introduce your brand to your ideal audience and turn them into loyal customers & clients. That’s the power of Video Marketing.

Marketing Funnels

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram Ads, we create a sophisticated Marketing Funnel to attract quality leads that turn into paying clients. Funnels can also be used to retarget and build your marketing list creating lifetime customers. 

Audience Analytics

Never be left in the dark. As your business continues to climb, we will help you understand the numbers, charts and exactly what’s happening behind the scenes with monthly reports. 

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