Ads Onboarding

1. Watch this FIRST:

In this video I’ll outline:

  • Our Facebook Ads marketing strategy
  • Your Business’ Value Ladder
  • Brainstorming a Lead Magnet
  • What I need from YOU

2. Add me as a Facebook Ads “advertiser” on your Ads Manager Account

*** You must become “Facebook friends” with anyone who you are trying to add as an advertiser on your Facebook Ads account!

So send me a request if we aren’t friends already. I promise to “accept” ;).

3. Targeting & Sales Copy Forms:

  1. Fill it out as best you can.
  2. Don’t stress about these questions! Just give the answer that first comes to mind!

3a. About Your Business Goals & Targeting Your Ideal Clients

3b. Let’s Write Some Killer Sales Copy!

Helpful Notes:

– Think about your ideal client and use their words as best you can.

– Answer these regarding your specific brand or a product within your brand.

– Don’t forget to have fun!

4. Let’s Start Advertising!

After watching the videos on this page, brainstorming your Value Ladder & Lead Magnet, submitting the Targetting & Sales Copy forms AND adding me as a Facebook Ads “Advertiser” role (whew!), please contact me and let me know that you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

I will use this ammo as well as any other details we may have already talked about, and begin to create your Ad Campaign and Marketing Funnel.

This process could take 2-5 days depending on our team’s workload at the moment.

Once I have everything ready to go (Facebook Post drafted, Ad Campaign created and targeted, landing pages designed and ready…) then I will contact you, ask for your blessing, and we can launch your campaign 🙂

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Cell: 206 209 7822

Talk soon!